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Sunday Night Insomnia | ep.1 

Filed under: Comic @ 9:35:53 PM
Welcome to MPK Adventures dot com.

To avoid this site from becoming too much of a blog, I decided to do a webcomic.  Why?  Because, like we try to do in MPK, it's fun.

Btw, I have a new level of respect for illustrators because of this.  I mean, you'd think it's easy to draw the back of your character's head.  But I digress.

I plan to put up a new comic every 1st and 15th of the month.  When I get used to it, hopefully I can do at least one comic a week.  My apologies to The Boy and the Knife and The Monistats for using their likeness and/or visiting their websites at work.

As for the album, I'm working on it.  Every chance I get.


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