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The TODO list | ep.30 

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So, ho-kay, if you haven't already heard, we are playing a show tomorrow (Jan 30th) at 1982 Bar, hooray!  We -- that's me, Will (from The Factor), Chris (from Forward), and Chris (from The Monistats) -- have been practicing together for about a couple of months now, and quite honestly, if it weren't for this show, we wouldn't have been practicing so hard and frequent.  But I think we're ready.

Whether or not I am ready -- given the live webcast and the impromptu light show that I plan on putting on -- remains to be seen.

Speaking of the live webcast, I do plan on broadcasting all 4 bands, so please stay for Hoyt & The Hotheads, then us, then The Monistats, and then Padded Cell.  And since the show at 1982 isn't exactly a public event, I can't broadcast anyone willy-nilly; the latest episode of TWiT actually made me realize the potential liability issues.  But ANYWAY, fans:  feel free to dance real silly!

Crap!  All this ranting and I still haven't talked about the comic!  OK, so Will has on a The Ergs! t-shirt because he's been trying to get me into the band despite of my insistence that I could never ever like any band where drummer/singer Mikey Erg was involved in more than Dirt Bike Annie.  In fact, if you go to the live show, you'll see the influence DBA has had on me.  I guess all I'm saying is that I'll try not to hold DBA against them anymore, k?

Attributions:  the background pics in panels 1 and 4 were taken by rpongsaj and emdot of flickr, respectively.  Background pics in panels 2 and 3 were taken by me during the shooting of the video promo for the show, the result of which can be seen here.  [EDIT:  the video has since been removed by the owners.]

Thanks sterlo for filtering out all of my awkward, nervous answers!


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